Monitoring Service


The Network Box monitoring service is hosted in our SOC’s (Security Operations Centres) and continuously polls the client’s Network Box. It collates the information and runs in excess of 100 checks against the status of the hardware and software. Amongst this myriad of tests, the monitoring : 

  • Ensures the system is alive and responding
  • Alerts if updates cannot be PUSHed to the appliance
  • Continuously feeds back the attacks being encountered by the appliance to the security team
  • Checks for the correct operation of the services on the appliance
  • Runs tests to ensure the hardware is healthy, from fans to hard disk


The Network Box monitoring service reports all of these tests and many more back to the SOC’s where experts can see trends and provide solutions depending on the nature of the traffic.

In addition, Network Box can provide a wide range of different service levels which allows clients to choose the best monitoring solution for their company’s needs.

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